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EP 28 | Creation Through Collaboration with Hallie Warner

"To be together is a start. To stay together is growth. To work together is achievement." -Henry Ford

Teamwork and Collaboration

How do you shape your future outlook when you play a leadership role? Would you be able to keep your employees by making them grow consistently? In this episode of Offer Accepted, Hallie Warner takes us through the birth, development and motivating outcome of her successful collaboration with Adam Hergenrother.

Do you know how to recognize and build opportunities when you see them, whether you are an EA or in a supporting role? Will you commit yourself to be an integral part of the team? I was so excited to share this interview with Hallie. Her story speaks to me as a company owner, a manager and a leader. She’s an amazing force (a force multiplier, if you will) and if you’re trying to explore the possibilities behind cooperation and collaboration, then this episode will certainly get your curiosity sparked. It’s also filled with information for inspired EAs seeking to improve in their position and work towards continuous development.

Multiplying Force through Partnerships

Hallie Warner serves as Chief of Staff to the Founder and CEO of Adam Hergenrother Companies. She is also the co-author of The Founder & The Force Multiplier: How Entrepreneurs and Executive Assistants Achieve More Together. Hallie has been working side-by-side with Adam Hergenrother for over nine years to ensure that his vision is understood, shared, and implemented. With over ten years of serving the C-Suite, Hallie has mastered the ability to lead and assist by identifying existing needs, collaboration, implementing progress, and executing initiatives. As Chief of Staff, Hallie also offers strategic guidance to key stakeholders within the business and she manages special projects focused on organization development. Hallie is a graduate of New York State University and is residing in Williston, Vermont with her husband and dog, Karma.

Learn more about Hallie and Adam

Listen to Business Meets Spirituality Podcast learn more about Hallie and Adam. Also, please do not forget to check out their book! You can reach Hallie by sending her an email.

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