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Welcome to Hire LAB
We help real estate agents.
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How to Be a Really Great Boss in Real Estate

When you look back on your career (before you were a business owner, that is), it’s likely that you’re able to recall two types of bosses: the good, and the bad. When you think back, did you have more “good” bosses, or “bad” bosses? Which ones stand out to you – and what characteristics did they have?

If you’re reading this blog, then that means that you’re already invested in becoming one of those unforgettably incredible bosses. But why stop there? Why not be the best boss that your team members have ever worked for?

Let’s dive in! There are seven things that make great bosses truly unforgettable.

Yes - You CAN Be a Really Great Boss

1. Great bosses are passionate! They really love helping buyers and sellers and they love being in a leadership position.

2. They stand in front of the bus. This means that when errors are made during a transaction, rather than throwing their admin staff under the bus, they are the person to take responsibility for how the team is performing.

3. Great bosses play chess, not checkers. They are strategic in how they think and how they move, and they understand that one action affects others on the team.

4. They know who they are at all times. They are human. They are themselves. Great bosses are not one person when they are in front of clients and another person with the team. They are themselves all the time and people can count on them.

5. Great bosses are the calm in the storm. Real estate transactions, especially the pending to closing phase, can be both exciting and stressful. Great bosses support their team when things are going well and when things are really difficult.

6. They are human. They are someone who also makes mistakes, and they are someone who doesn’t always have all the answers, which is why they have a team. Great bosses look both to experts and to the entire team in order to know what the best thing is for everyone involved.

7. Great bosses inspire their team members to always be growing and learning. They do this by setting an example with their own growth habits.

So, to be a truly unforgettable boss, make passion, responsibility, strategy, integrity, support, humility, and inspiration part of your leadership toolbox!

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