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We help real estate agents.
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Welcome to Hire LAB
We help real estate agents.
Everything you need to hire, train and develop your administrative team.

3 Free HR Tools You Didn’t Know You Needed

Human resources handles so many tasks, and without the right tools, they can become ineffective and overwhelmed. These are the three free HR Tools that you didn’t know you needed. They’ll make any human resources operation run like a well-oiled machine!

Zoho: People Plus

Zoho’s People Plus is a unified HR platform for seamless employee experience. Once you download their free software, you gain access to the following:

• Zoho Recruit’s Applicant Tracking System (ATS) • Candidate sourcing • Time trackers • Expense trackers • Attendance information • Onboarding • Performance tracking for goals, KRA, skill sets, and competency • And so much more!
With so many integrations and free services offered through Zoho, it’s no wonder they’re listed as the top software choice for HR professionals on nearly every consumer report list.

YouTube Creator Studio: Show off Your Work Culture to Increase Hire Rates

Brand awareness is a key factor in the hiring process. According to a survey done by Glassdoor, candidates are 40% more likely to apply with companies they know. Past that, 75% of hiring decision-makers believed if their brand were more well-known, the hiring process would be easier.

So, how can you create a brand awareness campaign to make HR’s role easier without breaking the bank? Show off your company, take live videos for YouTube and share them with all of your social media platforms. When people can get an inside look at what your company stands for and the culture, they are more likely to apply for a position within your company.

Post videos that celebrate your team members, congratulate others in your network on achievements, and create videos about your hiring process. Make the videos relevant to your business and use branded frames whenever possible. You want people to remember you when they’re on their job hunt.

A Solid Framework for Job Ads

Our partners at Pro REA staffing can give you the framework you need to create a job ad that converts into qualified applicants – for FREE! You can download their Five Job Ad Must-Haves online. In today’s environment, recruiting needs to step it up a notch and use every tool available to improve their processes. With the right job ad, you’ll filter out unqualified candidates and get responses from people you want on your team.

Save time on writing your job ads and during the applicant screening process by using this framework for your job ads.

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