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Welcome to Hire LAB
We help real estate agents.
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What Type of Real Estate Leader Are You?

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Are you getting the results that you want in your business and from your team? If not, it might help to identify your Real Estate leadership style.

Real Estate Agents are like rare birds. Each type of bird has its own unique strengths in sales and leadership. These strengths allow it to reach a significant level of success. Flying to the next level, however, requires reflecting on that what doesn’t come so easily to that kind of bird and how to improve versatility.

So, it’s worth taking a moment to consider: what kind of Real Estate leader are you?

#1: The Hummingbird

You’re really fast, and you thrive when flitting around from one appointment or project to the next. Clients love to work with you because of your energy, dynamism, and warmth. Admins may find it frustrating to work for you, since you are always on the move and hard to pin down for information. However, they know that holding onto the hummingbird too tightly will crush it and destroy its unique beauty.

#2: The Hawk

You have a great view of the big vision of your business. You know exactly where you are going and can inspire your Admins to come along for the journey. You see the details, but you aren’t particularly concerned with them. Sometimes you’re so focused on the big picture that you forget to check in with your Admins, who are running the day-to-day operations.

#3: The Morning Dove

You are highly analytical and like to know exactly what’s going on in the business. Admins may love that you are available to answer questions and make decisions about operations. Yet, they might not feel empowered to take initiative and lead processes with you always looking over their shoulder.

#4: The Seagull

You fly over a well-run operation and defecate on everything. Don’t be the seagull!

Ideally, you will learn to combine different Real Estate leadership styles. Sometimes it’s important to be a hawk and sometimes you need to get into the details. Hawks can see everything but they need to dive to hunt. The most effective leaders can adapt to what the situation requires.

The next step is to share what you have discovered about your predominant leadership style with your admins. Rather than trying to “change” you, talented admins will learn to accept this style and to create systems that allow you, as a rare bird, to be in your zone of genius. Your admins can experience gratitude and express appreciation for whatever it is about you that has allowed you to become so successful.

Through coaching and support from you, they too can work on their versatility so that everyone on the team is playing to their strengths!

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