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Welcome to Hire LAB
We help real estate agents.
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Shake off Your Hiring Misconceptions with Connie Tholen

hiring misconceptions
Hiring is hard.

I get it – no one wants to make a mistake! But this fear of failure can lead employers to come up with “truths” about who to hire, based on some “misstep” they heard about or experienced in the past.

This is dangerous. Why? Because it causes you to cast away a whole group of people, based on one bad experience! Millennials, for example, get a bad rap. But I place smart, motivated millennials every single day. They are NOT all lazy and entitled.

This podcast is all about breaking down misconceptions in hiring.

Connie Tholen spent over 30 years in the banking industry before joining her real estate team. She is 60 years old, and spent most of her career in corporate America. Now she’s the Director of Operations for a very successful real estate team in Nevada.

I’ve met my fair share of hiring managers who would wrongly shy away from hiring someone like Connie. They would be concerned about her technology skills, and her ability to keep up with the pace. Some employers would even dismiss her because they would fear that she wouldn’t be flexible enough to handle the diverse tasks of a small real estate office!

As you’ll hear in this interview, Connie is none of those things.

I’m highlighting Connie because I want to shine a light on the many wonderful benefits of hiring older employees. I hope that you enjoy this episode of Offer Accepted.

More about Connie Tholen
connie tholen

I was born and raised in the small community of Elko in Northern Nevada. My husband, Greg, and I still live in the area; but we now live about 17 miles out of Elko in the small country community of Spring Creek. We get all 4 seasons but the winter seems to last the longest – lots of cold and snow. It’s beautiful here – we love it. Mountains and valleys with cattle ranches, sheep ranches, mule deer, and other critters.

After graduating from a community college in Reno, I went to work at Wells Fargo Bank as a drive-up teller. I wasn’t sure what I wanted to do from there. Well, 25 years later I left Wells Fargo. During the 25 years, I held many positions including Assistant Branch Manager, Branch Manager, and compliance officer.

I joined the Vicky Blair group five years ago. Since then, our team has grown exponentially! In addition to being one of the Contract Managers, I also serve as the Office Manager. The assistants report to me and I am tasked with ensuring they are trained and successful. We are truly a team, and I am proud that everyone works so hard for the success of Vicky’s business.

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