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5 Ways to Reflect on 2020 with your Team

reflect on 2020

The end of the year is the perfect time to reflect, celebrate, and plan. When you have a team, it’s no longer just about your individual performance; it’s about how each team member contributes to the whole.

This year especially, it’s important to reflect and celebrate how far we’ve come, how we’ve weathered the storm, and how much we depend on each other for so many things.

I always suggest that team leaders have an in-person “meeting” with their team to review the year that’s past and plan the year that’s ahead, but this year is a bit different. You can have a video conference meeting, or appropriately socially distanced meeting.

Click here to download the agenda.

In addition to the agenda, I want you to consider looking through these filters as you approach the process this year:
1. Appreciation – Recognize people’s everyday efforts, actions, and results
2. Compassion – Review the year with compassion
3. Celebration – Rejoice in even the smallest wins
4. Gratitude – Give thanks to everyone for what they contributed
5. Optimism – Plan the year ahead with enthusiasm and positivity

#1: Appreciation

It’s easy this year to see where people didn’t show up or handle things as they “used to”. Now is time to practice seeing what people DID do and not so much what they did NOT do. Team members, vendors, other agents, clients, affiliates all had extraordinary circumstances to overcome this year.

To learn more about how your team is wired to receive appreciation, you can all take this assessment: Appreciation in the Workplace.

#2: Compassion

As business owners, we are wired to achieve. I’m not suggesting that we change. I am offering a very human perspective to see how people are doing the best they can (including yourself!). As we lean into our humanness, we can see how to grow from here in our relationships and our results.

#3: Celebration

Go over the year and see where you had “wins”. Who were the clients that you “wow’d”? What contributions did you make to your community? How did you save some situations or transactions? Where was your team innovative and pivoted to keep going?

#4: Gratitude

Everyone played a part in reaching the results. Are you keenly aware of how much you need everyone? The expression is: “You can go fast alone, but you can go far together.” Let that gratitude deeply into your awareness. How can you show your gratitude? 

#5: Optimism

We’ve had plenty of things to be scared of, regret, miss, and long for. Now is the time to look forward into the new year with enthusiasm to create experiences that you make a plan to achieve.

Learn from this year. Apply those lessons to how you are going to work together as a team. You can be cautiously optimistic with a realistic approach to the challenges we still face, but the glass can always be half-full if you say so.

Choose JOY!

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