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We help real estate agents.
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Welcome to Hire LAB
We help real estate agents.
Everything you need to hire, train and develop your administrative team.

Setting Goals with your Admin Team

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You’ve got BIG GOALS, right? You know how many sales you want to generate (or at least you know you probably want more). Your formula for how you reach your sales goals probably looks a little something like:

“Contacts + Appointments = Listings Taken and Buyer Sales”

Setting goals with your admin team looks a little different. They’re not salespeople, so how do you involve them in creating, tracking, and achieving goals for the operations side of your business?

#1: Share Your Vision Statement

Whatever your vision statement, you need to share it in order for your team to have clarity. Here’s an example of what your visions statement might look like:

“To always exceed the expectations of our clients with top-quality service, exceptional training, and a true desire to put the best interests of the client first.”

#2: Bring Your Values to Life

VALUES reflect what is most important to you and therefore inform how you will conduct yourself while realizing your vision. Pick values that represent HOW you want your team to perform and WHAT you want your clients to experience as a result of working with you.

Here are a few examples of values to spark your imagination (pick 3-7):

Autonomy – Open Communication – Detail-Orientation – Friendliness Helpfulness – Optimism – Integrity – Joy – Development – Balance – Honesty Passion – Fun – Empathy – Humility – Loyalty – Perpetual Learning – Energy Compassion – Individuality – Initiative – Growth – Service-Orientation Enthusiasm – Teamwork – Industry Expertise – Striving for Excellence Curiosity – Fiduciary Innovation – Wealth – Hard Work – Focus – Inspiration

To bring these values to life, have a theme for each quarter where you focus on one VALUE and integrate it into your daily, weekly, and monthly life together. 

Example: How can we infuse more JOY into our workflow process this quarter? (1) Let’s celebrate our WINS each week at the Friday team meeting. (2) We could send a thank you note to each of our new listings after they sign the listing agreement. (3) Brainstorm ideas together to see what JOY looks like on your team!

#3: Talk with Your Team

What goals can we set in operations that will help the team achieve our sales goals? See what their ideas are for your progress.

Ask: What obstacles might we have to overcome in order for us to have both JOY and RESULTS? Ask: What do you need from me to be able to work at your highest and best capacity? What do you need me to start doing? What do you need me to stop doing?

#4: Help Them Set Personal Goals

Ask your admin team if they have personal goals they would like to achieve this year, this quarter, or this month. How can you participate in helping them achieve these goals?

Reciprocity is the exchange of energy and resources. Asking for dedication to the company’s goals is expected as a part of the job AND you will inspire devotion when your team knows that you are as committed to their goals as you are asking them to be committed to your own.

Are You Ready to Get Started?

I’m including our Monthly Goal Tracker as a tool for your work with your admin team, and your sales team, to stay focused on your company vision, values, and goals, along with the goals for their individual role, plus the personal goals they have for their own lives.

Click here to download the Monthly Goal Tracker
Click here to download Sample Visions Statements & Values

Remember, TEAM = Together Everyone Achieves More!

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