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We help real estate agents.
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Welcome to Hire LAB
We help real estate agents.
Everything you need to hire, train and develop your administrative team.

Want to Hire a Rock Star Admin? Get Curious!

hire a rockstar admin

Do you want to hire a rock star admin? Then it’s time to get curious.

But wait… How does CURIOSITY – i.e. a strong desire to learn something – benefit your working relationships? Let’s explore how this mindset and practical application can get you more of what you want!

Curiosity and Leadership

One of my favorite videos to show how curiosity plays an important role in our lives is “Above the Line or Below the Line” by Conscious Leadership. This video argues that great leaders are “above the line”, meaning they are open, curious, and committed to learning. Being “below the line”, on the other hand, means you are closed, defensive, and committed to being right.

Since the one thing we can depend on is change, knowing how to navigate this certainty is critical.

CURIOSITY is a TOOL to help find your way through challenging situations, relationships, and achievements. Curiosity can lead us to learn more about ourselves and each other, and to glean lessons from any situation. As we seek the truth and listen to understand, we will make better-informed decisions and find rewards we had not expected.

Hire a Rockstar Admin with Curiosity

Hiring, loosely put, is the practice of finding, evaluating and establishing a working relationship with future employees.

In our video training program, the Hire Lab Course, we give you the formula, steps and tools to hire the best Admin for you. The formula is to interview for Job Fit, Culture Fit, Goal Fit & Talent. (Also known as JCG+T.)

The underlying principle through each of these stages in the hiring process is a powerful curiosity to learn about each candidate:
– Who are they? What can you learn about their character and integrity?
– What kind of experiences have they had?
– What did they learn from their achievements, mistakes and failures?
– How do they see themselves in the future?
– What are their goals? And how can you help them achieve their goals by working with you?
– How does their talent show up? (We define talent as intelligence, poise, and intrinsic motivation.)

Your Transferrable Skills

We often talk about a candidate’s transferable skills in the interview process. I want to point out that YOU too have transferable skills using curiosity as a real estate agent. You have infused your appointments meeting with sellers and buyers with curious questions about their situations, motivation, circumstances, and challenges:

– When do you plan on moving?
– How much do you owe on your mortgage for this home?
– What are the features you are looking for in your next home?
– Have you been pre-approved by a lender?
– Are you planning to interview other agents for the job of selling your home?
– Would you like to have me represent you as your agent?

Having an open mind and curiosity is an important perspective which is in stark contrast to interviewing from a place of suspicion, doubt, afraid to hire the wrong person, thinking people always lie to you in the interview process.

Seek the truth, know yourself, and listen to understand. Remember, “what you focus on expands”. It’s a subtle, and yet critical, distinction to bring you the results you need to hire a rock star admin.

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