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3 Meaningful Ways to Communicate Your Mission, Vision & Values

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I once overheard a friend say, “I love that lady, she is everything to everyone!” (they were referring to me).

My heart sank when I heard that.

I have always known that I can’t be everything to everyone – but I obviously wasn’t being clear about that!

This is why you develop a mission, vision and values (MVV) for your company- you can NOT be everything to everyone, and your MVV will help you make decisions.

It’s kind of like the lanes on a highway- it’ll keep you headed in the direction you want to go and it helps direct clients to your lane as well!

I have spent numerous hours in workshops, coaching sessions and 1 on 1 meetings with previous Managers discussing how to clarify our MVV. Why? To quote Brene Brown “Clear is kind”, and I have found that at the root of most communication blunders is a lack of clarity.

If I am your employee and I believe in our MVV- I will work my butt off for the company and our clients.
If your MVV is missing or unclear- I will not work for you. End of story.

I am a mission driven human who desires and requires FEELING and EMOTION in all that I do! Yup, I love feelings.

FYI – this blog is coming to you today from a previous employee turned CEO. Thus, I bring to you both perspectives.

Clarity is a simple concept, right? But not always easy to put into action and create on a regular basis when you’re working with humans outside of yourself.

Defining Mission, Vision & Values

Mission (I think of this as more internal for your company communication): these define an organization’s purpose and primary objectives. They’re set in the present tense and explain why you exist. They tend to be short, clear and powerful.

Example mission statement: Google: “To organize the world’s information and make it universally accessible and useful.”

Vision (I think of this as more external – a message to those outside of your company): these also define your organizations purpose, but they focus on its goals and aspiration- and are timeless. Even if an organization changes its strategy, the vision will often stay the same. These tend to be more uplifting and inspiring- they should translate to ANYONE outside or inside your industry.

Example vision statement: Teach for America: “One day, all children in this nation will have the opportunity to attain an excellent education.”

Values (Internal + External): I like to narrow these down to the top 3-4 values in which you operate both personally and professionally. Yes, I said personal. Your business is a reflection of who you are and what you believe in as a human. If it’s not- I can guarantee your message isn’t translating to your ideal client.

Example of values: integrity, clarity, loyalty.

Ok, now lets talk about 3 ways in which YOU can communicate your MVV’s using the HUG method (just made that up)!

The H.U.G. Method

#1: Hook it up with the internet.
Seems simple – and yet many businesses do not make it clear on their website or social media.
a. Make sure its on the front page of your website, and it’s obvious.
b. Add it into your weekly social media posts- its brand recognition and a reminder/call out to those “ideal clients” you’re looking to work and be in alignment with.
c. Blog posts – write about it!

#2: Understand the value of your gorgeous face on video talking about it!
a. Make a short 3-5 minute video talking about your MVV’s and why they are what they are! Yes- you can do this, I promise.
b. Take that video and create an Instagram Reel out of it.
c. Take that video and share clips of it in your social media stories.

#3: Get it into your virtual and paper materials.
a. Add it to your email signature- again, brand recognition and repetition!
b. Add it to any employee contracts, flyers, event materials, etc.
c. Add it to your email newsletter- make it an annual blog that you share with your audience. It’s ok to remind them!

Share Your Clear M.V.V.

To quote Simon Sinek, “People don’t buy what you do; they buy why you do it”.

This is why having clear MVV’s is very powerful and can make the decision easy for the consumer.

If you’re still in the creation phase of your MVV’s – take the time to ensure that it resonates with you on a personal level and keep it simple!
Your MVV’s will act like that game “Telephone”- they will help you get the word out about WHY you do what you do!

Share with us below in the comments – what is 1 step you’re going to take today to up your game and share your MVV’s?

Want to hear more? Check out Mo’s interview on the Offer Accepted YouTube Channel!

margaret "mo" smith

Margaret "Mo" Smith

Founder and CEO | I Love It When, LLC

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