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Welcome to Hire LAB
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4 Ways to Empower Your Real Estate Employees

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Being a leader isn’t easy. Whether you have a single employee or an entire team, having your real estate employees look to you for guidance, support and encouragement can be intimidating.

So how do you become the unstoppable captain that your dedicated crew is looking for? What kind of tools can you give them to succeed?

At Inspired for Results LLC, we believe the fastest route to growth is through employee empowerment. You’ve carefully chosen the people that you want to work for you; the next step is to help them step into their personal journey.

Don’t believe us? Try these four ways to empower your real estate employees and accelerate growth and watch your business flourish.

Support Their Ambitions

When you first interviewed your team member(s), it’s likely that you discussed their goals, aspirations, and dreams. If you haven’t, ask them! As a leader, it’s your responsibility to know what makes them tick and what they’re passionate about.

Why? Because once you discover what drives your employees, you can be there to help walk them down their path to success.

For example, say your Real Estate Assistant really wants to take an email management course to better support you. Instead of hemming and hawing and worrying about the course distracting from their day-to-day responsibilities, support them. Pay for their education and be grateful that your employee is seeking out additional resources to make your life easier.

Recognize Their Small Achievements

We often think of our employee’s “achievements” as something big, bold, or bonus-worthy. Something that maybe comes around once or twice a year and is typically rewarded with monetary compensation.

But while we’re focusing on the macro, we forget about the importance of the micro. A few kind words or a pat on the back can have a lasting positive effect on your team. When you subtly give your employees direction via recognition for their hard work, they’ll stay committed to your vision and mission.

And remember: recognition doesn’t look the same for every employee. Some people prefer quiet praise, like a handwritten letter of appreciation. Others prefer a “well done!” shoutout in front of the entire team. Be sure to know what your employee is comfortable with.

Use Mistakes to Encourage Growth

Did your real estate assistant slip up? Instead of shaming them for their wrongdoing, turn their mistakes into a positive learning experience.

Yes, you should show them why their error was detrimental, but helping them identify why the mistake happened and how they can avoid making similar ones in the future will ensure that they feel comfortable coming to you for help.

Growth never comes without challenge. When your employees trust you, they’ll never try to hide their mistakes from you.

Let Them Fly

You hired your real estate employees because they’re good at their job, right? Then it’s time to let them soar. Rather than micromanaging or trying to control every aspect of their role, allow them to bring their own unique skill set and ideas to the table.

Do they want to implement a new strategy or try a different way of doing something? Great! If your team is talented (and they are), and it’s likely that they know how to own their role – even better than you. Check out the blog posts on our website to learn more.

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