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Is Toxic Positivity Hurting Your Real Estate Team?

toxic positivity

Positivity is a powerful tool. When the going gets tough, finding gratitude can help put things into perspective.

Maybe your client pulled the plug on a deal when it was in escrow, or maybe nobody came to your open house. Focusing on the positive in these situations can help you acknowledge that it isn’t always as bad as it seems.

But in large, undiscerning doses, positivity can actually be harmful. In fact, regurgitating phrases like “Good vibes only,” or “Don’t worry, be happy,” could be hurting your real estate team!

Toxic positivity is the idea that no matter how challenging or painful a situation is, you should maintain a positive mindset. Although seemingly innocuous on the surface, this extremist form of happiness can take a toll on your employees and your business.

Holding Space

When it comes down to it, human emotions aren’t strictly happy or positive. Neither is life. Sadness, frustration, fear, and anger are all important parts of the world we live in.

By encouraging your employees to ignore uncomfortable emotions, you are inhibiting their ability to process and subsequently move past them. This can make them less efficient and more distracted in the long run.

Holding space for your real estate team (i.e. creating a welcoming, open atmosphere) can be a challenge. Often, it simply requires that you provide an unbiased listening ear. Instead of saying “Everything happens for a reason,” try saying “I can’t imagine how difficult this must be.” Creating a safe environment for them to express a full range of emotions is crucial for their growth.

When an employee is going through a difficult time, act with empathy, rather than rushing them to heal or telling them to “buck up.” They will reward you with their trust and loyalty.

Problem Solving

As humans, we often want to “fix” situations to help others who are struggling or grieving. In reality, sometimes we can, and sometimes we can’t. For example, if an employee recently lost a loved one, there is no quick fix. They simply need to be given ample space to grieve.

As a leader, it’s your job to discern what role (if any) that you should play in your employee’s journey. If there is a small, meaningful gesture that could help alleviate their stress without overstepping, take it. If not, then simply give them grace and allow them to take the necessary steps they need to move forward.

Toxic Negativity

Okay, sure – life can be tough. But what about those employees that act like the sky is always falling? How do you deal with a chronically negative employee?

Negative employees often play the victim and complain about things “happening to them.” They’ll also use their misfortune as an excuse for poor work performance.

If you notice that an employee is chronically negative, then it might be time to sit them down and let them know that there’s an issue.

First, explain what behaviors are encouraged in your office (like asking constructive questions or giving feedback) and what isn’t (blaming, insulting, mocking, or insulting). Then, make a specific request about how you’d like them to act moving forward. Most importantly, ensure that they feel supported and heard while conveying what you expect from them. This makes all the difference!

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