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Leadership Hack: Take Ownership of Your Mistakes

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There are a lot of moving parts on a real estate team. As a leader, you wear multiple hats, provide your team with inspiration and guidance, and… inevitably make the occasional mistake. (Don’t worry, we won’t tell.)

Mistakes are surrounded by a certain stigma. We’re embarrassed when we trip up, and we feel “less-than” when someone cleans our mess up for us. But what if we told you that taking ownership of your mistakes could make you an even better leader? What if the ultimate leadership hack is being proud of your mistakes?

It's Okay to Fess Up

When you take ownership of your mistakes, you teach your employees that it’s okay to come to you when they make a mistake, too. For example, instead of trying to hide an error in shame or frustration, your team will immediately come to you to find a solution. No shame, no fear.

Not only will this prevent them from making additional “cover-up” mistakes, but it will also ensure that you’re able to put out any fires before they become more urgent.

In the eyes of your team, you will also appear to be a stronger, more confident leader. When you can step up and say, “Oh, yeah – I messed up. Here’s what I’m doing to fix it,” you demonstrate your ability to problem-solve and face challenges head on. It takes courage and vulnerability to show that you’re capable of screwing things up, too.

All the Greats Do It

When you think of some of the most influential people in the 21st century, who comes to mind? Jeff Bezos? Oprah Winfrey? Perhaps Mark Zuckerburg or Bill Gates? If there’s one thing these people all have in common (aside from a heavy pocketbook) it’s that they’ve made countless mistakes. Not only that, but it’s certain that they’ll keep on making them!

Mistakes and growth go hand in hand. They teach us lessons, make us stronger, and give us new tools to face future challenges with. If you find yourself mourning a mess up and cringing with shame, just remember: we all make mistakes.

Poor Judgment Calls

It’s not just mistakes we’re encouraging you to fess up to – it’s poor judgment calls, too. Are you texting too often to delegate? Maybe you’re failing to give your staff enough time to complete tasks with ease and accuracy?

It’s okay to change the way you do things as a leader. When you acknowledge your shortcomings and correct them, this can mean freedom to your administrative team members and help you work more efficiently, too!

Find the Power

Believe it or not, holding yourself accountable for your mistakes can be empowering. Instead of sluffing the responsibility off onto someone else and never finding an adequate resolution, you are in complete and total control. Life no longer happens to you; you are the one enacting change.

Try this: when things go haywire, take ownership of the situation. By admitting your role in the error, you’ll be able to calmly assess the situation and act in a decisive manner. You will no longer be a victim or a casualty of someone else’s actions. When you take ownership of your mistakes, you are in charge.

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