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Building Trust with Your Team: How to Be a Predictable Leader

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Renegade leaders often go down in infamy. Imagine: Joan of Arc leading an army to victory against the British with absolutely no qualifications or training; Alexander the Great, undefeated, touting his revolutionary military tactics; Napoleon Bonaparte, becoming Emperor of France after taking over much of continental Europe.

Unlike bold, renegade leaders, predictable leaders are frequently overlooked. They are silent, strategic, and modest. They lead with humility, and although they can be fearless, are rarely sensationalized.

As leaders, we try to model ourselves after the great historical renegades we aspire to be. But will putting on a reckless facade really benefit your real estate team? Could leading predictably be the key to your success?

Your Actions Count

Being predictable is, perhaps unsurprisingly, fairly easy when done right. By bringing awareness to your actions, you can quickly show your team that you’re someone they can get behind.

First, make a commitment to matching your actions to your words. When you say you’re going to do something – be it giving an employee additional time off, handling important paperwork, or simply returning a call – follow through by actually doing it. Yes, there are times where you may need to change your plans, but empty promises can quickly lead to employee turnover.

Second, don’t make promises you can’t keep. Before you commit to something, ask yourself if you truly have the time, bandwidth, and ability to make it happen. If you do, move forward. If not, it might be time to delegate the task.

Last but not least, act with integrity and treat everyone as equals. Avoid showing favoritism at all costs! This will let your employees know where they – and everyone else on your team – stand.

Find a Routine

Let’s be honest, the world of real estate is challenging and chaotic. So how do you bring predictability to an unpredictable lifestyle? Is it really possible to have some semblance of a routine?


But unlike other leaders (who have the ability to plan out their entire day), you’ll need to find little “touchpoints,” or slices of time where you can work with your team. Showing up in the office at the same time every morning, for example, will set a standard for the rest of your employees.

If that’s not possible, send out a message or call to check in with your team at the same time every morning. This will let them know you’re present – even if you’re not in the same building.

Why Be Predictable?

When it comes down to it, predictability isn’t particularly… alluring. Nobody wakes up in the morning and asks themselves, “How can I be more predictable today?” This isn’t, however, because predictable leaders aren’t successful – it just doesn’t make for good entertainment.

When you’re a predictable leader, you quickly build one very important thing: trust. By following a routine and matching your actions to your words, you show your team that you are both competent and trustworthy – something that every employee is searching for in a superior.

Are you ready to build a better relationship with your real estate team and show up with predictability? Sign up for a free clarity call to explore coaching with Kathleen Metcalf. Your leadership journey starts now!

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