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How to Cultivate Real Estate Team Harmony

real estate team harmony

Do you trust your employees? If so, great! Then you’re on your way to building a happy, healthy, real estate team.

But what about your employees? Do they trust one another? Are they able to work together as a team? If your staff members are constantly in competition or worse – regard each other with indifference – then it’s time to create harmony in your real estate team.

Culture Comes First

First, take a moment to explore the office culture that you’ve created. What is your mission and vision, what are your values, and how do you demonstrate their importance in the day-to-day operations of your office?

For example, if you value giving back to the community but rarely make donations or take the time to show your commitment, it’s likely that your team doesn’t see “giving back” as a cause that they can rally behind.

It might not seem like it, but culture is the first (and arguably the most important!) building block when it comes to creating a harmonious team. After all, when you demonstrate a clear collective mission, vision, and values, you move the mindset of your team from “I” to “we.”

Team Coaching

It isn’t uncommon for real estate teams to have repetitive, shared problems that they’re all struggling with. If your employees aren’t communicating with one another, however, these problems can fester and make them feel isolated and confused.

So how do you get your team to start talking? What’s the secret to speedy communication?

There’s no faster path to alignment than through real estate team coaching. Coaching opens new avenues of communication and allows employees to feel heard. If you’re struggling with turf wars, rumors, or badmouthing, then the first step to mending these unhealthy behaviors is a deep dive into your team structure with a reliable real estate coach.

If one-one-one real estate coaching isn’t a viable solution for you, then you can also fill the role of “coach” for your team. Encourage your team members to spend time together once per month/quarterly to review their values and goals together. As you move forward, keep the team engaged and update them on the company’s performance.

If there’s conflict within your team, don’t let it fester. Seek out the tools and skills for having “Fierce Conversations” by Susan Scott. (Haley LoBosco on our team of coaches is certified by Fierce Inc. to use their models and tools.)

After all, when teams work together and share knowledge, it alleviates stress, increases confidence, and creates strong feelings of comradery and trust.

Create Opportunities

If your employees don’t have the opportunity to interact with one another outside of a “work” environment, they may find it difficult to truly connect. Now, this isn’t to say that you should take them out to a bar or force them to engage with one another in an unprofessional environment, but they should have the opportunity to discuss non-work matters in a relaxed setting.

Team lunches, for instance, are an excellent way to allow your employees to chat and get to know one another a little better. In-office games or holiday parties can also give your team the opportunity they need to slow down and interact.

But what about remote teams? How can they connect?

When you have a team that’s in different states (or even different countries!), it’s all the more important to make an effort to help them build relationships. From a virtual book club, to zoom games, to online yoga, there are countless ways to bridge the gap – even over the internet!

Are you struggling to create harmony in your real estate team? You don’t have to do it alone. Sign up for a free clarity call to explore coaching with the communication experts at Kathleen Metcalf and discover how quickly you can bring your team together!

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