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We help real estate agents.
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Welcome to Hire LAB
We help real estate agents.
Everything you need to hire, train and develop your administrative team.

3 Affordable Ways to Invest in Your Real Estate Admin

invest in your real estate admin

Whether you realize it or not, your admin is an integral part of your real estate team. They have the power to make your life exponentially easier (or harder), and – in some rare cases – can be the catalyst that causes your business to grow.

Which begs the question: are you investing in your real estate admin? If not, now is the time to start. Your admin has the potential to be an incredible asset for your team!

#1: Ongoing Education

When you show your admin that you’re willing to invest in their ongoing education, it tells them that you care about them, their role in the company, and their career. No – we aren’t suggesting that you send them off to college, but we do believe that admin-focused courses can be a game-changer.

Our REA 101 training course, for example, is a 12-module online and on-demand training course for brand new and experienced real estate assistants. It will give them the structure and guidance that they need to sculpt their skills.

If you recently hired a real estate admin and they seem to be falling short, don’t despair. They might just need some help finding their footing. After all, the most challenging time for any new employee is the first 90 days! Our 90 Day to Thrive membership will help you and your admin to find the sweet spot that will lead to your success. Sometimes all it takes is a little extra guidance.

#2: Admin-Focused Coaching

Do you want your admin to be able to spot potential problems before they occur? Admin-focused real estate coaching might be the resource you’re looking for. Working with a coach will give your admin an outside perspective and an experienced sounding board to guide them to success.

Better yet, enroll your admin in group coaching with other real estate admin. By listening to the experience of the rest of the group, they’ll be able to learn from the mistakes of others and give them new, effective tools to implement in the office. It will also give them a sense of support, belonging, and community.

#3: Find Their Community

Speaking of community, the quickest way to jump-start your admin’s motivation (and education) is to help them connect with like-minded people. Not sure where their people are? Don’t worry – we found them for you! Have them join our Real Estate Team Development group or get on the waitlist for Be You: The Inner Circle.

Help your real estate admin rise to the next level and invest in their future; there’s nothing better than seeing your investment (and support) truly pay off!

Not sure where to start? Book a clarity call with our CEO, Kathleen, to get a little guidance of your own. We’ve worked with hundreds of real estate agents and their admin to help them communicate more successfully.

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