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Welcome to Hire LAB
We help real estate agents.
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Can Work/Life Balance Truly Exist for Real Estate Agents?

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Every agent knows the reality of working in real estate: busy weekends, late nights, and a constant, vice-like grip on your cell phone. After all, a missed call could mean a missed sale, right?

Real estate agents are some of the most dedicated, passionate, and overworked people you’ll ever meet. Which begs the question: can work/life balance truly exist for real estate agents?

Well, maybe not in the same capacity it does for some business professionals, but at Kammbium, we truly believe that agents can have both a thriving personal life and a wildly successful real estate business; it just takes a little creativity.

Build a Support System

Are you ready to untangle yourself from the constant barrage of emails and phone calls? It all starts with a reliable support system. Or, more specifically: a talented real estate assistant.

Hiring a real estate assistant is a game-changer for almost every overworked agent. When you hire someone to support you, you create countless possibilities for growth and freedom. Not only that, but a lighter workload means less stress!

Think briefly about your daily to-do list. What tasks would you like to be able to delegate? How many of them are time consuming and/or unenjoyable? By freeing yourself up from the things you don’t need (or want!) to do, you suddenly make more room for your personal life, or for more important aspects of your business.

Guard Your Time

Some agents pride themselves on being available 24/7. Although yes – this displays both your reliability and dedication, it also ensures that you’re always on the clock. Instead of working yourself ragged, we recommend sectioning off a block (or even multiple blocks!) of time for yourself. Then, let your team know when you’ll be unavailable.

“That’s impossible. What if there’s a closing? What if someone has an urgent call or email?”

That’s why you hired a real estate assistant!

During these time blocks, simply forward your calls to your admin and ask them to manage your inbox. Tell them that they can contact you directly if there’s an emergency, and then take a little time for yourself.

Give Yourself Permission

Sometimes the most challenging part of stepping away from the office is simply giving yourself permission to do so. If you’re the type of person that holds high expectations for themselves or lives to work, this might be an uncomfortable shift.

Remind yourself that taking time for yourself is crucial to your success.

When you take time for yourself you’re reenergizing and refueling, making it possible for you to give your business 100% of your attention when you return.

Ready to invest in your work/life balance? Schedule a clarity call with one of the team members at Kammbium to talk about hiring a real estate admin for your team.

Not sure where to start? Book a clarity call with our CEO, Kathleen, to get a little guidance of your own. We’ve worked with hundreds of real estate agents and their admin to help them communicate more successfully.

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