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Ask a Pro: How to Level Up Your Real Estate Systems with Kammbium

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Do you want your real estate systems to run seamlessly? Or maybe you don’t even have any systems in your real estate business, and you need a little help getting them off the ground? No problem. We’ve enlisted the help of Dr. Laura Sims, Lead Systems Consultant at Kammbium to give you some tried and true tips for building systems.

What’s Kammbium?

This past month, Kathleen Metcalf Training & Coaching rebranded to Kammbium. You’re still getting all of Kathleen’s knowledge and guidance, but with the added experience of her entire team!

Put simply, Kammbium is the future of real estate teamwork. It takes the chaos out of real estate and turns your business into the well-oiled machine you’ve always wanted.

Systems Q&A with Laura Sims
Q: What is the most important system for any real estate team?

A: Every team needs to have checklists for the listing and buyer workflows, ideally from appointment through post-close. Having checklists takes what has to be done out of your head (memory is not a system!) so that you don’t have to spend precious brain power trying to remember everything that needs to get done.

For agents with operations support, checklists allow for transparency and accountability in terms of what has gotten done. They can be built out in Google Workspace (docs or sheets, depending on your level of affinity for spreadsheets) or using a project management platform like Trello (we’ve seen a lot of success with real estate teams using this tool in particular), Asana, Monday, Basecamp, Clickup, etc., in order to benefit from automations (reminders and so on).

Q: I’m constantly working on operations when I know I should be selling. What type of systems do I need?

A: In order to be able to delegate effectively, you need to document not only what needs to be done (via the checklists), but also how it should be done. This can be conveyed through Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs), which then form the basis of an operations manual.

You can rely on tech tools to help create your SOPs quickly and easily, for example by recording your screen using Loom, or using an app like Tango, which captures screenshots and writes out steps as you go through a process. Finally, you can pull the SOPs together in a digital handbook so your operations team has all of the training they need at their fingertips.

Q: How can I prevent my team from making so many mistakes?

A: First, take a good look at your checklists and SOPs. The more detailed and comprehensive they are, the greater the chance your team will have the tools and training they need in order to effectively execute their responsibilities.

Then, consider the workloads of your respective team members. Mistakes can be a sign that someone is reaching capacity and it might be time to explore opportunities for leverage, through automation and/or hiring additional operations support.

Q: I’m willing to admit I need systems, but I don’t have a lot of time. How long will this take?

A: A talented Director of Operations with enough bandwidth to dedicate to the project can put a systematized workflow in place and create a comprehensive operations manual in 1-2 years. Our systems consultants have worked with over 50 teams and are highly specialized in this work, so we can help agents and teams put them in place in 12 weeks, with a time commitment of 1-2 hours per week from the lead agent or lead operations person.

With clear, documented systems, running your business will be easier and more enjoyable. Give your team everything they need to be self-sufficient high performers, so that your clients can enjoy the customer service that comes from a talented real estate team.

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Laura Sims

Lead Systems Consultant at Kammbium

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