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Mid-Year Pivot: How to Motivate Your Real Estate Team

motivate your real estate team

Can you believe that it’s almost Q3? What happened to the first half of the year? There have been a lot of big changes in real estate in the last few months, and many of our clients at Kammbium have had to shift gears to find (and make!) new opportunities. If you’re realizing that 2023 isn’t playing out in the way you expected, don’t worry – you’re not alone.  

Whether you’re feeling like you’ve smashed your sales goals or you’re coming up short, this is the perfect time to re-evaluate your business strategy and motivate your real estate team. So, what’s your plan?  

Crunch the Numbers

If you haven’t already, take an honest look at your current revenue for the year. Compare it with your projected earnings and figure out the earnings of your individual team members, too. If your team is hitting the mark, great! But if they aren’t, make note of where they (and you) might be lacking, and begin to think about what changes you could make to both assist and motivate your team.

Be Candid

If you want your team to succeed, they need to know where they stand. Now, this doesn’t mean that we want you to rake them over the coals if they’re performing poorly, but we want you to give them an accurate projection of the revenue YTD, as well as a fair assessment of their achievements. If they should be celebrated, celebrate them! If they need a little help, acknowledge that too. Remember, you’re here to work as a team; part of your job as a leader is to help them reach for the stars.

This mid-year benchmark is also a good opportunity for you to be candid with yourself. Were the sales goals you set for the year reasonable? Or, did you set unachievable expectations for yourself and those around you? We all want to be our best and strive for lofty goals, but goals that are unattainable can often have the inverse reaction and demotivate your team.

Evaluate Your Target Market

There has been a large shift in the market this year, and with it, a change in the behavior of buyers and sellers. This might mean that you need to make a shift in strategy to stay relevant and be top of mind.

Sit down and take a serious look at your target market. How were you reaching them in 2022? What might be the best way to reach them in this new landscape? Maybe you use brief reflection as an opportunity to reevaluate your market as a whole, and shift your business in an unexpected – but more profitable – direction.

Accept and Move On

Once you’ve done a full assessment of the first half of 2023, it’s time to move on. Don’t dwell on what you did (or didn’t) achieve; simply set your sights on your new sales strategy and approach Q3 with a fresh perspective.

Let your team know that you’re looking forward to tackling the rest of the year with vigor and positivity, and maybe even create some incentives to help them look towards the future, too. You set the mindset for the rest of the year. Make it one that the rest of your team can rally behind!

Do you want some help building new strategies for Q3? Click here to schedule a clarity call with the team at Kammibum.

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